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At St Cedd’s we want to make our curriculum as exciting and interesting as possible. One way to do this is to invite visitors into school to hold workshops etc. In recent years we have had chocolate workshops, Roman workshops, and Shakespeare Company performances. At other times we may choose to take the children out of school to visit a famous building, or to take part in an event. Some of our favourite places have been the Royal Opera House, Westminster Abbey and the O2 Arena in London. Of course, we also encourage the children to take part in residential visits. Year 6 have visited Margam in South Wales and Year 5 and Year 4  have experienced an overnight stay in Danbury Outdoors Centre.

All of these events incur additional cost, and we ask parents/carers to make a contribution to cover most of this. Whilst there is no obligation for parents/carers to contribute to the cost of such visits, and whilst no child will be excluded because of such a refusal, we emphasise that, if the cost of the visit were not to be covered, there would be no alternative but to cancel the whole field trip. Parents/carers who have difficulty in meeting the cost should contact Mrs Wood, Head of School, as soon as possible.

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